Why is Amy not on the Dead Files

Why is Amy not on the Dead Files

The Dead Files, a popular paranormal investigation show, has captured the fascination of viewers worldwide with its unique blend of psychic mediumship and traditional investigative techniques. The show primarily features the dynamic duo of a retired homicide detective, Steve DiSchiavi, and a psychic medium, Amy Allan. However, keen observers may have noticed that Amy Allan has been absent from certain episodes. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind Amy‘s occasional absence from The Dead Files and explore the factors that contribute to the show’s dynamic.

Amy Allan’s Unique Abilities:

Amy Allan is renowned for her extraordinary psychic abilities, which allow her to connect with the spiritual realm and gain insights into the paranormal. Her expertise lies in providing detailed information about the energies, entities, and histories associated with haunted locations. Despite her undeniable skills, there are instances where she does not participate in investigations, leaving fans curious about the reasons behind her absence.

Personal Commitments:

One of the primary reasons for Amy Allan’s occasional absence from The Dead Files is her personal commitments. Like any professional, Amy has a life outside of the show, and scheduling conflicts or personal obligations may arise, preventing her from participating in specific investigations. The demanding nature of filming schedules and the unpredictability of paranormal cases could clash with Amy’s personal calendar, leading to her temporary absence.

Health and Well-being:

Maintaining a connection with the spirit world can be mentally and physically taxing. Amy Allan’s unique abilities require immense focus and energy, and there may be times when her well-being takes precedence. Psychic mediums often emphasize the importance of self-care and energy preservation to avoid burnout. Therefore, Amy may choose to skip certain investigations to prioritize her health and ensure she can continue to bring her best to the show in the long run.

Strategic Decision-Making:

The Dead Files follows a structured format where Steve DiSchiavi conducts a thorough investigation of the historical and criminal aspects of the haunted location, while Amy Allan explores the paranormal aspects through her psychic abilities. However, the decision to include or exclude Amy from an episode may be a strategic one. The producers and creators of the show may choose to focus on specific aspects of an investigation or experiment with different formats to keep the content fresh and engaging.

Viewer Engagement and Interest:

The Dead Files has evolved over its seasons, adapting to viewer feedback and preferences. The decision to feature or omit Amy from certain episodes may be influenced by audience engagement and interest. Producers may choose to highlight Steve’s investigations more prominently in some episodes, catering to the diverse interests of the show’s fanbase and ensuring a balance in the presentation of both paranormal and investigative elements.

Diversification of Content:

To keep a long-running series like The Dead Files interesting, producers often experiment with the content and format. Amy Allan’s absence in some episodes could be part of a broader strategy to diversify the show’s content, introducing new elements or guest investigators to bring fresh perspectives to the paranormal investigations. This approach helps maintain the show’s appeal and prevents it from becoming monotonous for long-time viewers.


While Amy Allan‘s absence from certain episodes of The Dead Files may leave fans wondering, it is essential to recognize the various factors at play behind the scenes. From personal commitments to strategic decision-making and the need for diversification, the dynamics of a paranormal investigation show are complex. Amy’s unique abilities and contributions to the show remain a cornerstone, and her occasional absence serves as a testament to the careful planning and adaptability required to keep a long-running series intriguing for its dedicated audience.


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